E3 2010: Xbox 360 Slim Preview Teaser

There are all the usual rumors and speculation regarding the E3 games expo starting tomorrow June 15 running to June 17 and one of the main things that everybody seems to be talking about is the new Xbox 360 Slim.

Today we’ve seen what we think is a glimpse of the new Xbox Slim courtesy of an article over on Soft Sailor by Dan Picum, who has obtained a preview of a new device from an Italian website, Console Tribe. It appears the more angular console pictured is compatible with the new Kinect, which is the new Xbox 360 hands-free motion control system, previously dubbed Project Natal.

This does seem likely to be the real article although of course we can’t confirm this just yet. The short ad on the video claims it’s the new Xbox 360, with 250GB, and has Wi-Fi incorporated.

For more on this go to softsailor.com. What do you think of new Xbox 360 Slim, assuming this is it? It looks a pretty good design to us. We’d be interested to hear your opinions on this so why not let us know.