Boxee Box vs. Google TV

Boxee Box’s set-top hardware, the newest innovation in home theatre PC programmes, has yet again received more bad news. As a competitor of the much anticipated Google TV, Boxee Box is yet to release their product until at least November of this year. This delay may then prove difficult to push sales.

Boxee Box Co-founder and CEO Avner Ronen believed this delay is due to the “time frame of November as being to over ambitious”.

According to Mashable, Ronen has made an announcement that the Boxee Box by D-Link will be with the US and Canada in November. Frustrating to all of those who are waiting to purchase the Boxee Box.

Aswell as the delay to customers, there is the ever-increasing danger of trailing behind their competitors Google TV who will be making themselves known by a high profile release.

Are you one of these people waiting to get your hands on a Boxee Box, or are you swayed towards Google TV?

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