Mozilla’s sudoSocial: Privacy friendly social network tools

With all the recent controversy surrounding social networking site Facebook and its privacy issues, it seems that more attention is being paid to privacy friendly tools. Now we hear that Mozilla are addressing this issue with a new platform called sudoSocial.

The news comes to us in an article on Linux Magazine by Joe Brockmeier which says that Mozilla are venturing into social networking and that sudoSocial is a “stream publishing version” from Mozilla Labs. This means apparently that it’s a way of bringing all your social networking sources together in one place, or as the article calls it, “Facebook without the comments.”

If you set up with your OpenID account you open your own page and add feeds and away it goes, showing blog posts, pictures etc. You can also create images, interfaces and animations by using Processing.js. It does seem a good idea for Mozilla to venture into social networking but at first glance at least, sudoSocial doesn’t appear to offer an awful lot.

It certainly is worthwhile seeing what happens next though, especially if other contributors latch on. If you want to look at the working demo go to Or to read the article about this go to So what do you think of sudoSocial and do you think it could catch on? We’d be interested to hear your comments.