Skinbook: Facebook for Nudists

I know I’ve heard of some interesting websites in my time, but I’d never heard of a website called “Skinbook” before now. And if you’ve never heard of the website either, it is a UK-based social networking site that is specifically designed for nudists!!

As reported in a rather interesting article over at, the nudist social network “Skinbook” features more women and couples as its members, unlike other nudist groups that appear to be dominated more by single men.

Skinbook, which is being hailed as the new Facbook for nudists and featured in last week’s Time magazine, is meant for “quality, non-perverted interactions among people who enjoy social nudity.” The site also has a Twitter feed, with over 500 followers.

A skinbook executive, who is the one who chooses new members, said that there are no pornographic images, headless torso shots or sleazy comments under people’s photos on the site. It’s been reported, that the site only accepts 10% of its applicants.

And while many nudist clubs have older members in the age group of 55-60, Skinbook’s 9,000 members are all aged between 35 and 40. Skinbook is also said to have its own Facebook page, which has over 3,000 fans.