New 4G iPhone Parts: Video shows 2010 device

The launch of the Apple iPhone 4G must surely now be only days away, with all the speculation expecting an announcement at WWDC on June 7. We’ve had leaked prototypes, and dribs and drabs of information surrounding specs, all to whet our appetite. Now though it appears that a couple of videos have turned up which seemingly show the metal frames.

If you take a look at an article by Stan Schroeder over on Mashable, you can take a look at the videos in question. The videos were originally posted on the iPhone Portugal blog and I must say they do look a good fit for the leaked prototype iPhones we saw earlier.

One video shows the supposed iPhone 4G frame compared to an iPhone 3Gs, and the other video shows the same frame compared to an iPad. This time around though there is not a hint of the frames being lost or stolen. The blog owners say that they purchased the frames from China for delivery. Although the Apple logo appears, the article on Mashable seems fairly sure that from the detail they are genuine.

For more on this go to What do you think of the frames? Are they the real deal or not? We’d be pleased to receive your comments about this.