Twitter leaks forces BA Cabin Crew Strike

British Airways cabin crew could be seen gathering at picket lines at UK’s Heathrow Airport this morning, in order to start their series of walk-outs. And while all this was going on, cracks were beginning to appear in their union’s leadership.

Tony Woodley – the joint head of Unite – took fire at his union counter-part Derek Simpson today, for sending live updates via Twitter during the last-ditch discussions with British Airways on Saturday, which was aimed at averting the strike action.

As reported by Philip Pank and Joanna Sugden at, Mr Simpson’s tweets gave away the location of the talks, which resulted in protesters from the Socialist Workers Party crashing the discussions and destroying any hopes of a deal.

Mr Woodley described the incident as “catastrophic” for the talks, and said he was “extremely surprised” at Simpson’s tweets. Mr Simpson faced quite a bit of abuse on Twitter last night, for using the social networking site to send updates on the talks.

And it appears that Mr Simpson didn’t impress Willie Walsh – British Airways’ chief executive – either, who said he was “shocked and angry” to find out what Simpson had done. Walsh accused Simpson of undermining the union discussions.

You can read the full story via the link here.