Most Influential Twitter Users: It’s cosmos today

Our attention has been drawn today to a representation of the most influential Twitter users, in the form of a gigantic map of the cosmos. The complex and intriguing map is called the Cosmos 140 and enables people to actually visualize the 140 most influential users.

The news comes to us from Stan Schroeder over on Mashable, sourced from Web design studio Information Architects. It really is the most amazing map which at first glance looks unfathomable but once you understand the basics it’s a really good way to see who’s who. For example the names in the centre of the cosmos are the founders, with long-time Twitter users to the outside of them.

Beyond that on the outside of the sphere are categories, for example sports or politics and you can even read the first Tweet from each of the users. There are two circles displayed for each user, one which shows the amount of followers, and one which shows list volume.

It really is an intriguing sight so why not take a look. You can look at the Cosmos 140 as a free PDF here. What did you think of the representation of influential Twitter users? It’s certainly an inventive way of showing information, but were you surprised at any absences or inclusions? We’d be interested to receive your comments on this.

Source: Information Architects