iPhone 4G Release: Can it really compete with Google?

Today Steve Jobs confirmed his keynote address at WWDC 2010 on June 7th, although that’s all he commented on, but we know more than in previous years thanks to a iPhone 4G prototype leak that caused some controversy.

We have heard before that the iPhone 4G release and Android 2.2 phones will be direct competition to upcoming Windows Phone 7 from Microsoft, but who has the most weight behind them, and likely to succeed above all others?

We all have our favorite brand, and one article on TG Daily points out that Google is the “Keymaster to The Future of Computing” and explains why they feel this way. They give five points that are very convincing, these focus on Google being a world market, cloud computing, why Google creams Apple, antitrust accusations, and Google owning the application space. You can read this article in full here.

Can Apple really compete with Google? The next-generation iPhone may not have an official name yet, but it’s certainly coming and will be Apple’s best shot at gaining ground on Google’s Android OS. This interesting article on PC World shows a wish list for WWDC 2010, and explains that Steve Jobs has said via email that Google’s Android OS has “Not a chance” at surpassing the iPhone.

Apple’s CEO seems confident, are you? Have a read of the said articles, then let us know your expectations for iPhone 4G in 2010.

  • pitbull

    This is a lot like a poker match….. Google has shown all its cards and Steve doesn't seem to be scared. We have all seen this before but does it equal sales in the real world. The android has been creamed in sales by iphone (minus last month due to all the Iphone 4g rumors), so what will happen if apple comes out annouces an Iphone 4g at a low price say like 199 and lowers the 3gs to 99 then opens it up to verizon, sprint, and ATT??? Fact of the matter is the Iphone really has been an awesome selling phone while only being on one netowork. the android phones are on like every network, AND most of them are buy on get one free and iphone still has more total sales. You will also find that the majority of Apple Customers are super loyal and will only consider apple products do to trust, and great CS. My Family alone will be replacing all 5 of our Iphones with a Iphone 4g if it is announced