iPhone OS 4.0 Beta: Latest download shows tethering from AT&T

Good news for all your iPhone fans out there as we hear that the new iPhone OS 4.0 beta finally includes AT&T Internet tethering. People have been clamouring for this for some time so it’s nice to think that maybe they’re being listened to.

Although tethering was available last year when OS 3.0 was released on some international carriers, AT&T did not support tethering as its network could not support the wireless traffic, according to an article on Mashable by Ben Parr. Indeed MMS was also not available immediately due to the same concerns.

Now AT&T obviously must feel up-to-the-job of supporting tethering as it is one of the new options in the new iPhone OS 4.0 beta version 4, to set up via phone or web with AT&T. The one thing we have to say though is of course that the final version of OS 4.0 may not be exactly the same as the beta version, but it would seem pretty goods odds that it will be available on the final version.

For more on this story go to mashable.com. So now it looks as though it will finally be available will you be pleased to see the arrival of AT&T Internet tethering? Why not tell us what you think about this news.