Google’s Smart TV Service: Release Approaches

If you’ve not yet heard of the Google TV initiative we can tell you that it’s coming soon and a few more details about it, such as the fact it will be called Smart TV and is aimed at bringing the web to televisions across the globe.

It’s going to be an Android-based set-top box and in the first rumors that surfaced it was thought to be a collaboration between Google and DirectTV. Then it became known that both Intel and Sony were to be possible partners in the revolutionary idea, according to an article by Ben Parr on Mashable.

It’s likely to be launched at the Google I/O conference this week and if so we’ll have lots more news then, but the article does say that it’s likely to cost around $299 and will possibly integrate web services into TV’s and also run Android apps.

For full article go to where they are also running a poll asking if people would be interested in getting Smart TV. Currently the answer with the most percentage polled is ‘Maybe’. What do you think of the Smart TV initiative? We’d be interested in hearing your views.