YouTube Videos: Over 2 Billion Daily Views

The hugely popular Google-owned video sharing website YouTube, which celebrated its fifth birthday less than a month ago, has recently announced that it has now surpassed 2 billion video views a day, according to a recent article at

The announcement comes as part of a larger initiative that the company is said to be launching today, to retell the history behind the YouTube website and its growth. And part of the said campaign is the launch of “My YouTube Story” and the “YouTube 5 Year Channel.”

With the “YouTube 5 Year Channel,” the website is hoping to get users to submit their videos about the impact that the video sharing website has had on their lives. People who would be ideal examples of this would be people such as Susan Boyle, Greyson Michael Chance. has been tracking YouTube’s explosive growth for some time now, and the numbers are definitely impressive. According to their report, there are now over 24 hours of video uploaded onto the video sharing website every minute.

However, even that number appears to be overshadowed by the newly-announced 2 billion views per day statistics. What do you think of their latest achievement? Has YouTube made an impact on your life in any way? We’d love to hear from you if it has.

  • david basset

    I post videos on youtube of myself (david basset) singing , and it's got me good number of views, nothing life changing but plenty of happy viewers!!