Video Recap of iPhone 4G in Vietnam

There appears to be more news surrounding Apple’s next generation iPhone recently, after news broke that a brand new Apple iPhone 4G had reportedly been discovered in Vietnam. The prototype device is said to be identical in shape to the one that Gizmodo obtained recently.

Over at they have a video report courtesy of MSN, which brings people up to speed on the latest events surrounding the highly-anticipated device. So if you weren’t aware of the recent reports regarding the iPhone 4G, check out the video at the link above.

The video in question suggests that there are in fact more prototypes out there, and we all know that prototype models do have to be made before the device is finally released. The mystery however, is how the devices are even managing to slip from Apple’s reach.

There was also a suggestion that Apple would send a team over to Vietnam to recover the said device, and the raid of Gizmodo’s editor Jason Chen’s house was also mentioned in the video. What do you think of the latest news surrounding the new device?