Ford’s Social Media Road Trip: Foursquare Locations and Twitter

In what looks like a modern take on the road trip a new venture begins today as two Ford Fiestas take part in a cross-country journey leaving from the University of Michigan and ending in San Francisco on May 22.

It’s all part of a research project between University of Michigan students and Ford and has been given the name “American Journey 2.0.” With Ford engineers in one car and students in the other, the aim is to connect via social media and track each other with the aid of a host of custom-built online applications in each car, according to

They’ll be using a variety of apps developed by the students,with just one of them being the “Auto”matic blog in which the engineers’ car will give us an idea of what’s happening on their journey via blogs and tweets. The app can appear to give the car a personality and thoughts and you will be able to keep an eye on what’s happening on Twitter at @AJtheFiesta.

A local search app will also register at Facebook locations on the route, and a technical leader from Ford Research & Advanced Engineering, Venkatesh Prasad says, “We’re learning how to responsibly and safely harness the internet to enhance drivers’ time behind the wheel.”

For full article go to Do you think the ‘internet on wheels’ can ever be viably safe? We’d be interested to hear what you think of this initiative.