Facebook: Fourth biggest target of phishing attacks

Phishing attacks are unfortunately becoming more and more common these days, and now it appears that social networking sites are also falling prey to such scammers. In fact, Facebook has recently emerged as the fourth most common target for such attacks.

The latest quarterly spam report from Kaspersky Labs, has revealed that while the payment site PayPal remains the most popular target for spam and phishing attacks, Facebook has risen quite dramatically to levels never seen before from a social networking website.

According to a recent article at itpro.co.uk, the Kaspersky report says that more than one in two (52%) phishing scams are focused on PayPal, followed by eBay with 13.3%, and HSBC with 7.8 percent. Facebook has risen to fourth with 5.7 per cent.

The report’s authors said: “This was the first time since we started monitoring that attacks on a social networking site have been so prolific.” Once they have stolen users’ accounts, the scammers can then use them to distribute spam, they added.

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