Google Maps: Biking directions added – avoid hills!

By popular public demand Google Maps has launched biking directions. Google Maps for the U.S. has not only biking directions now, but also extensive bike trail data that will enable users to customize their trips, tell them where bike lanes are, customize maps purely for cycling and even better, work out biker-friendly routes that avoid hills!

You can find biking directions by selecting “Bicycling” from the drop-down when you do a directions search, according to The time estimates for the journey also cleverly take into account the terrain and type of roads and if you want to make an extra stop on the way, you simply drag the blue path over to your route.

The “Bicycling” layer has routes marked in 3 different colors, with dark green indicating a dedicated bike-only trail, light green showing a dedicated bike lane on a road, and dashed green indicating roads that are preferred for cycling but do not have dedicated lanes. The venture with the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy means there are now 12,000 miles of bike trails and also data for biking in 150 cities.

For more on this go to This seems like another great addition to Google Maps and we can’t help wondering what they’ll think of next? What would you like to see, we’d like to hear your ideas?