Google Earth Named in Top Ten Maps

There’s a new exhibition currently showing at the British Library, which takes a look at the history of maps and how they have transformed the way we view the globe today. And what is rather interesting, is the fact that Google Earth has been named in the Top Ten.

According to a recent article at – sourced from – the number one position on the list has been given to USSR’s Be on Guard Map from 1921. At number two is the Henricus Martellus World Map from 1490, made by a German cartographer.

It is believed that Columbus used this map – or one similar – to persuade Isabella of Castile and Ferdinand of Aragon to support him in the early 1490s. Another that made the Top Ten list is the Chinese Globe of 1623, which was made for the Chinese Emperor.

Google Earth made it onto the list at number 5. I think that many will agree with me, that Google Earth has definitely transformed the way that we view the world today. The ability to create an accurate map has been placed in everyone’s hands with Google Earth.

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