Gizmodo iPhone 4G documents refused

Recent events for Gizmodo have shown a San Mateo judge rejecting the request for documents. It has been reported that Gizmodo editor Jason Chen’s house has been searched by the police after the editor said that Gizmodo paid $5,000 for the iPhone 4th Generation prototype.

The prototype was stumbled upon at a bar after a field testing operation, claims were made that the editor took the prototype and consequently Apple‘s secret could have been revealed. Now, come on, who leaves a prototype of an Apple iPhone on a bar? Apple is particular about who and when can see their products.

The document in question remains highly sensitive and the District Attorneys’ Office still actively opposes the view to show any one as this could affect the current investigation.

Stephen Wagstaffe, the Chief Deputy District Attorney has told CNET – a member of the Media consortium – that the current investigation is “on going” and they are sure more sources of information will come to light. To read exactly what was said, head over to IT Proportal and Cnet.

Do you think the circumstances this year will affect the iPhone 4G release date? Will you buy the next generation iPhone on release?

  • Roger

    First the OS will be 3. and not 4, now this? I will pass on the 4G and wait until this shakes out.