Nokia N8 and iPhone 4G Clones Spotted

The Chinese cloners are on the march again with versions of both the Nokia N8 and iPhone 4G both being cloned and available already, despite the fact that neither of the real versions have actually been released yet.

These 2 devices are among the most highly-awaited phones for some time, even though the iPhone 4G has not even been announced yet. According to, from Unwired View, the Nokia N8 copy, though it may look at first glance similar to the real thing, has far inferior specs, such as a 240×400 touchscreen rather than an HD 360×640.

If the genuine iPhone 4G was the one seen on Gizmodo, the Chinese cloned version looks nothing like it and it’s specs are also highly unlikely to be anywhere near as good as Apple’s. Prices are apparently $105 for the Nokia N8 and $115 for the iPhone.

We don’t recommend you ever buy these cloned handsets but this just goes to show how quickly China can knock out a cloned phone. Have you ever purchased a clone? Did you know at the time but didn’t mind, or were you fooled? We’d be interested in your opinion.

Sourced: Unwired View