Possible iPhone 4G Release Delay over OS 4.0

It seems today that a delay may occur with the release of the new Apple iPhone 4G, rumored to be due for launch in June. Apparently Apple may be investigated by the Department of Justice or Federal Trade Commission and ZDNet suggest it may be because of a request by Adobe.

Apple and Adobe are currently having a well-publicized fall out over Apple’s refusal to use Flash on their iPad and iPhones. The review would investigate the way Apple changed the license agreement for the iPhone OS 4.0 SDK, according to product-reviews.net, sourced from ZDnet.

This stopped developers using cross-compilers when creating new apps for the iPhone. It remains to be seen whether any action will actually be taken but if it does and if Apple then have to allow cross-compilers, will that affect the release date for the iPhone?

What do you think about the Apple and Adobe fall-out? Do you think Adobe have any chance of the investigation into Apple going ahead, or haven’t they a hope? We’d be interested in hearing what you think about this.

Via: Product-Reviews.net
Source: ZDNet