Google SketchUp: Building a Third World School

Tales from Google Earth continue to fascinate and now we’ve heard about a third world school that was built in Guatemala, all with the help of Google SketchUp. Apparently a man called Jim Fanjoy along with the assistance of the Peace Corps, used it to produce models and drawings to build the school. tells the story sourced from the Google SketchUp blog, of how a two-level, 8,000 square foot school was planned. Fanjoy used SketchUp to model the building in great detail and also to produce drawings of how the building would look at different stages of construction.

SketchUp also allowed clearer visualization as systems were presented in perspective. Fanjoy even modelled a detailed Mayan staircase along with all the necessary masonry measurements on SketchUp.The end result was the Rafael Juarez High School.

It’s a great success story and another innovative use of Google SketchUp. Let us know what you think of this story or maybe you’ve used SketchUp to great success yourself? We’d be interested in your views on this.