Using Foursquare in the workplace

Many of you will already have heard of Foursquare, the newest social networking scheme to emerge, and it’s certainly gaining popularity, with news that around 100,000 users joined shortly after SSDW. Put simply it’s a location-based social network and the keyword is location. It can tell your friends not only what you’re doing, but also where you are.

You can gain points for checking in at different locations and collect badges as you amass points, in a sort of game format. An interesting article on notes how not only can Foursquare be used for marketing but it can also be a useful tool in the workplace.

The four examples cited are Orientation, Making Work Easier, Recognition and Morale. For example, as far as orientation is concerned it’s a great method to help people orientate themselves to an area, such as a large university campus, or likewise a large business complex.

Or to take a look at Morale the article suggests that creating a positive corporate culture is hugely important to employee satisfaction and consequently productivity and Foursquare can be just such a morale booster bringing a bit of fun to the workplace.

Overall it seems as though Foursquare could be used with great results in the workplace, enabling workers to feel more united and more ‘part of’ the company. For full article go to Do you use Foursquare yet in your workplace and if so, how has it improved morale or productivity? We’d be interested in hearing your opinions on this.