General Election 2010: Polling day, Twitter and real time map

It’s only 2 more days away, the General Election 2010 takes place this Thursday May 6 and with social media more to the fore than ever before in politics there is a venture taking place to mark the millions of people voting at the polls.

Tweetminster, Channel 4, The New Statesman and The Guardian are all teaming up to follow the turnout during the day and they’re asking for your help. Tens of thousands of people are now using Twitter and the idea is to Tweet #ukvote followed by the first part of your postcode e.g. #ukvote EH1, when you go to the polls on Thursday. According to the, the votes will be mapped in real time to show the turnout.

The initiative is purely to measure and plot the turnout of voters, not who you are voting for and the data will also show regional breakdowns of the votes available for you to view online. The aim of the venture is to encourage more people to vote and to be able to track turnout during the course of the day.

It sounds like a great idea to us and I for one will certainly be tweeting on Thursday, so go on, use your vote and join the initiative. For more on this go to the Will you be voting on Thursday, and do you think this plan to encourage more people to vote will work? Why not let us know your thoughts.