Yoono for Firefox: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn alerts in one window

You may not have heard of Yoono yet although it could be a great help to you in keeping up with your social networking. It’s a Firefox add-on that will enable you to keep more easily in touch with the people in your online social circles.

At present you’ll find you have to leap in and out of Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn among others, but according to cnet.com, if you add Yoono to Firefox, or as a standalone application, you will be able to see all your alerts in one window.

After installation you will see on the left margin of your browser window, a set of browser icons. By clicking the chevrons at the top you will open the Yoono sidebar. After the initial set-up with your different accounts, you will be able to view all your updates by opening a browser window where the different categories will be displayed in vertical panes.

Apparently it also lets you update your status on all of your networks at the same time. There are some privacy concerns but if you’re big on social networking it looks as though it could be invaluable. For more on this go to cnet.com. Have you tried Yoono, or do you think you will? Let us know what you think of it as we’d be interested in your opinions.