Twitter co-founder Biz Stone and community causes

Biz Stone the co-founder of Twitter Inc. is in the media a lot at the moment. It must be beacuse of his worldwide sensation creation that has 105 million users and counting.

However like any good celebrity, Stone is heavily involved in community causes and charity work. Biz and his wife Livia are currenly helping a variety of causes including education, health, poverty, animal welfare and enviromentalism. Click the link to for news on his charity work and a full interview.

The 36 year old has 1.6 million followers on his personal Twitter account, who can all read about his experiences and projects. A part of Stone’s philosophy is using social meida for social causes and his microblogging site is the perfect tool for doing just that.

“Startups are in a unique position to build the concept of doing good into the very core of the company culture at the beginning,
this isn’t entirely altruistic. Talented people are attracted to companies where they feel they can do the most important and meaningful work of their lives.”

What do you think about Biz Stones charity and community work? Let us know.