Twitter Brand Rules: 10 Dos and Don’ts

It seems there are important rules to consider for brands using Twitter in order not to alienate their customers which are quite different it seems, to the way the average user acts on Twitter. The people over at have asked people their opinions on this, analyzed the results and come up with a very useful list of rules for brand users on Twitter.

One of the dos and don’ts is not to be a showoff. A useful tip in this instance is while you should of course tell of your features and special deals, to stand back from the situation and ask if your average consumer really cares about the next exciting titbit you’re about to tell them.

A big no-no is bad grammar and spelling, and I’m checking this item as we speak! Another tip is not to get too personal with your consumers as that comes across as just a bit odd, and also a great piece of advice is not to overtweet. This can result in plain old annoyance so be sparing with your tweets if you can.

For full article and all the dos and don’ts head to Are there any other useful rules you think are necessary for brand users on Twitter? If so we’d be interested in hearing them.