Facebook and High School Walkout

For those of you who live in New Jersey, you would have noticed a student walkout, which was in retaliation to recent cuts in education. This demonstration became much bigger than anyone would have imaged all through one thing – Facebook.

18-year-old Michelle Ryan Lauto organized the event, and it certainly gained some attention. The student was not happy with an $820 million cut in funding announced by Governor Chris Christie. Brenna Ehrlich from Mashable reports that almost 15,000 students replied to the Facebook request saying yet.

There have been reports from The Star Ledger that students from other schools joined in with the protest; you can see some of the footage here. Other social networking sites were used, such as MySpace and good old SMS as well.

With the huge reach of Facebook, this will not be an isolated incident and we can expect to see more demonstrations on this scale – maybe even larger. This does show how powerful social media is becoming and allows us all to have a much larger voice.