RIM BlackBerry Messenger and social networking traffic

We all know that when it comes to cell phones for business, RIM is king – this is evident with the amount of emails messages sent on a business day. A billion emails does sound like a huge number, but this pales in comparison to BlackBerry Messenger and social networking traffic.

The Australian reports that Research In Motion executive, Robin Bienfait has percentage growth figures over the past year, and looks at what the types of traffic were. The data showed that BBM has the biggest growth rate, 650 percent in fact.

There was a 400 percent growth from application downloads; browsing saw a 290% growth. We would have assumed that social media would have seen a bigger growth, but who can moan at a Facebook growth of 155 percent?

Bienfait admits that more than a billion push emails are handled each day, but email accounts for less than 20 percent of BlackBerry’s overall traffic. BlackBerry has always been known for enterprise use, but with the inclusion of social media apps, these handsets are now becoming more popular with the social world.

There is good reason behind this, more businesses are embracing social networking, and so using this service instead of standard email is sure to suffer.