Facebook’s Like Button: Pressure for Glue

There was a new addition to Facebook last week as it introduced a “Like” button meaning that if a user were to “like” any content from an outside site, one click on the “Like” button would link back to Facebook and add the information to that person’s profile.

According to techcrunch.com, CEO Mark Zuckerberg, was anticipating it might be used over a billion times on its first day. It’s a form of social recommendation service and as such it could impact upon others such as Glue which displays ratings, and reviews of almost anything as you surf the Web.

However Glue is fighting back with a range of new features. Yesterday they launched new personalization features that help people pick their next preferred movie or book for instance, by looking at past favourites. It will also be updated so that the latest recommendations will bubble up to the top.

The home page has also been given a revamp. For full story go to techcrunch.com. It seems as though Facebook does seem poised to take over the social recommendations market, but do you think Glue’s fightback will enable them to stay in the game? Why not let us know what you think about this.

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