New Facebook Features: 101 from F8 Conference

We mentioned a few days back about the Facebook F8 Conference and how it would be a little empty this year due to the volcanic ash saga – but those who did attend were treated to a 101 with the new features within the social network site.

Facebook will now want to know much more about you, they will be asking more personal question – such as who your friends are, what you like and dislike and so much more. Most users will welcome these cool features that will be implemented much sooner than you think.

Ian Paul from PCWorld has taken a closer look into five of these new features. The first of these features is the new social bar plug-in, this is a lot like the bar that appears at the bottom of a webpage that you visit – one of the new features within this plug-in will be Facebook chat.

Another is Like button s; there will be two version of this button – both of which are similar in what they do. However, what they handle will be very different. One button will be an Actual ‘Like’ while the second will be Recommend’ buttons. The former will be for you to choose your favorite movie, sports team etc, while the latter is to recommend news articles and videos.

The Facebook F8 event is now behind us, but visit PCWorld from the link above to learn more about these new upcoming features.