Lost iPhone 4G in Bar: What gadgets have you found?

We have all done it, gone out with a few mates or family members – only to get home and find that you have misplaced something. This is exactly what an Apple engineer did when he went to a bar for a drink, but what he left behind has grabbed media attention around the globe – the iPhone 4G.

Not certain if what you leave behind in a bar will then be stolen by someone and then sold to Gizmodo for $5,000. What followed next was a huge review of this prototype of what is rumored to be the 4th-generation iPhone.

It was no secret that Apple’s CEO, Steve Jobs was not happy about this and now CNET reports that Apple is now speaking to the police about the incident. A computer crime task force is now believed to be heading the investigation – we will have to wait to learn what the outcome will be and the reaction from the tech blog.

This has certainly raised a few interesting questions this week, but we would like to know what gadget have you found while out? I cannot say that I have found any gadget before – I am not that lucky. Although I am not certain that I would feel comfortable keeping that item.

Just remember, whenever you find something of value you should always hand it in where you found it or take it to the police – that way nothing will ever come back on you.

  • Steve W

    I found a smartphone on the sidewalk. It might have been an HTC; I don't remember. I called the phone company. It might have been Verizon. They had me pull the battery and read them the serial number. They used that to identify the owner. I got them to call the owner, and we had a three way call. I offered to drop off the phone at the 35th district of PPD, and did so. That's the last I heard of it.

  • Geniver

    I found a wallet outside of a concert in Orlando. I turned it in at the security office of the Arena next door. The guards double-checked my complexion after discovering that there was a lot of money and credit cards in the wallet.

    Turns out the owner was Steven Wright, an Orlando TV news person. I didn't know this because I never watch TV news – too much crime. He called me and interviewed me on the air. He offered me a reward – an autographed picture of the news team. I never got it.