Microsoft TownHall: New social media platform for politicians

We’ve noticed the use of social media coming more and more to the fore in this General Election 2010 and now another innovation from Microsoft is the launch of a new social platform especially for politicians, called TownHall.

Just as Twitter and Facebook have become important tools for politicians to communicate with constituents, Microsoft are hoping that TownHall will serve those needs even better for politicians. According to it’s basically a plug-and-play web-based platform that can set up sites to back up user participation about campaign topics.

Its main targets are government officials who will be able to receive feedback and find out the interests of their local communities. The TownHall platform can be used for polls, asking and answering questions and badges can even be given to reward participation. The most popular topics will bubble to the top.

For full story and more information go to As a lot of politicians are only just mastering Twitter and Facebook we’re wondering how many will use Microsoft’s TownHall, or will it be a step too far for them? Let us know your thoughts on this.