Taking Your iPad to Bed Cover Ups

With iPad users getting to know their new best friends and by that I mean their Apple device, there’ll be some of you, and you know who you are, that would really like to take it to bed with you…the question is how can you sneak it into bed without upsetting your second nearest and dearest, your partner.

A brilliant article at macobserver.com lays down some useful guidelines for this very scenario. As well as suggesting a portolio leather case for your iPad, so that your partner doesn’t suspect its getting into bed with you, there are some other good ideas.

One of these is to turn the brightness of the screen down low so that the glare doesn’t wake your partner from their slumber, while yet another idea is to hold your iPad with one thumb always hovering over the Home button, to avoid being spotted using…ahem, a soft porn site.

Another thing that is a real must according to the article is to get out of the practice of “shake to clear” or heaven knows what your partner might think. To see all the ideas, suggestions and tips, read the full article on macobserver.com. Go on, be honest, have you taken your iPad to bed with you yet? Maybe you’ve got some handy hints you can share with us? Why not let us know?