Ping Social Networking Clothing: Concepts Feature Twitter / Facebook Integration

Every day it seems as if someone out there is coming up with a new way to utilize social networking, a designer called Jennifer Darmour has developed a concept garment she calls Ping which appears to link directly with Facebook.

Jennifer sees the garment as a great way of celebrities keeping in touch with their fans on Facebook, apparently ‘Ping’ will automatically update your Facebook group with your location when you perform an action such as putting your hood on etc.

The Facebook integration is said to be made possible by combining custom built software with Facebook, Lilypad and Lilypad Xbee, to find out more and to see a concept image check out the link at the end of this post.

Currently there is no mention of Twitter integration, however I would have thought that it would be a worth-while addition given Twitter’s current popularity.

Do you think that integrating social networking with clothing is necessary/a good idea?

Source: SlashGear