Twitter’s Chirp Conference: Guest Speaker

Harry McCracken from PCWorld attended Twitter’s Chirp conference in San Francisco and everywhere he looked, all he could see was Twitter developers, amongst others. The mood was not like he had thought, mostly sombre, maybe guest speaker would be able to raise the mood a little.

Some of the big news coming from the event was how The Library of Congress will be archiving every tweet that you and I have ever tweeted. Not certain why they would want to do such a thing? McCracken is not certain if and how people will be able to access this information.

Google already does a similar thing, but the tweets only go back as far as February for the moment, but you will soon be able to go back to 2006 very soon.

While at the Chirp event a number of new features were announced by Twitter executives. These include: Points of Interest, new API features, @anywhere, and much more.

We all know how much celebrities are getting involved with the whole Twitter Phenomenon, and surprise guest from the Black Eyed Peas proved just that. The conference is still ongoing, for more details visit