iPhone 4G Release Date: Apple Keynote June 22?

Much has been discussed about the rumoured iPhone 4G / HD, from what sort of features it will have to its release date. However, we may have stumbled upon some news that will get us just a step closer to Apple’s new smartphone for 2010.

According to Jamie Pert from Product-reviews, SlashGear is suggesting that Apple will unveil the new iPhone 4G on June 22. The reason is that the Yerba Buena Center has been booked for that date – Apple booked the same venue for the iPad keynote.

This is the best proof yet that the iPhone 4G exists – the month certainly makes sense, as previous iPhones were also unveiled in June.

It is not known if Apple is developing just a slight upgrade to the current 3GS version, or if they plan a major update in design and hardware. We know that it will come with iPhone OS 4.0, which was unveiled a week ago.

We are not sure what other upgrades the smartphone will come with; recent rumors suggest a better camera, faster process, improved battery life, and double the amount of storage.

Do you think that Apple will reveal the iPhone to the world on June 22?

  • Julien

    Hope it's gonna be commercialized and for sale on the 22nd too. Don't wanna wait 2 months until its availability. Hope it's also gonna be an international availability, and not just a US-only first-time release

  • Lloyd

    I totally think it will be released june 22nd! And I reckon it will be available to purchase mid-july as past iphone released have gone! I’m so excited that I’m due for a new iphone in July (meaning I’m totally getting the iphone 4!) . . and I really hope its the same one that was discovered in that bar, cause it’s totally a step up for the iphone!