Earth Day Digg Dialogg with President Bill Clinton

Earth Day will soon be here and to help with the build up to the event, there will be a special Digg Dialogg guest: President Bill Clinton. This Q&A is a special Earth Day Edition and will be great to get an insight from Clinton about the environment.

You now have less than 24 hours to put in your questions for Bill Clinton to answer; he will then address the top ones from those sent in. The interview will air on April 22, Earth Day.

Clinton is no stranger to the topic of the challenges of the global environmental problems, while he was the U.S. president he worked on a number of areas to try and help change this.

One of these areas was the Safe Drinking Water Act, which he managed to implement tougher standards for. He also helped introduce an accelerated program to cleanup toxic waste sites. For more information on this visit Digg.