Verizon’s Nexus One and HTC Incredible: More Questions

Rumors are still abounding, (when don’t they), about the release of the HTC Incredible on Verizon plus of course the Nexus One both of which are surely imminent? We now hear news of a Verizon memo which says that six handsets are due this quarter.

This comes via, sourced from Phandroid, and it clearly states 6 handsets. Of course if you’ve been reading all the tech news you’ll know that Microsoft’s Kin One and Kin Two have just been announced.

The actual words of Verizon read, “One of the hottest devices this spring arrives soon, and it’s not the only one! We plan to release 6 new handsets this quarter alone”. So 6 minus the Kin 1 & 2 leaves 4. Surely, in the name of all things good in the cell phone world, the HTC Incredible is among them?

We can only wait and see but what are you planning to go for out of the Nexus One or the HTC Incredible, if either? We’d be interested in hearing your thoughts.

  • John

    HTC Incredible is my choice, but the longer it goes without being released the Iphone could be the one.