New MacBook Pro Update: Learning from iPad in 2010

It’s not the first time we’ve heard that a new MacBook Pro update is due shortly, and if we do see a new hardware launch in 2010, what can we expect from Apple? The iPad may teach its big brother a thing or two this year.

Electric Pig have listed five things that Apple can learn from the launch of their iPad tablet PC, and how they can use this information when releasing a new MacBook Pro or other models in 2010. This will help Apple find out what people really want from their next MacBook.

The article looks at the possibility of a touchscreen MacBook Pro, the need for making Mac OS X a gaming platform too, the idea of a MacBook Air with 3G SIM card slot, the need for a budget / lower price, and what can be learned form the iPad when it comes to Ports. You can read the article in full here.

Our favorite idea is the need for a 3G SIM card slot in the MacBook Air. What do you think the new MacBook models need? Let us know in the comments.

  • Frank

    I heard that Mac was exiting the laptop and desktop market. Making it’s focus just about phones, tablets, and online sales.

  • Windows not Walls

    Better graphics card and a price cut, especially for the Apple Care Protection plan.
    I also agree with this article as all this hype is too much, this story has happened already too many times this year.

    Mac Lovers don't get your hopes up for tomorrow is my advice….of course i could be wrong, hope i am, but I'm probably not.

  • Tom

    Apple won't leave the desktop or laptop markets anytime soon – it has successful products there that need the kind of updates mentioned. Let's hope the next 24 hours brings new Macbooks and MacBook Pros!

  • Bungiex

    I really wish apple will cut their prices. I was looking to buy a mac but when i looked at the price tag it quickly changed my mind. And more customization would be nice, when i walked into an apple store i saw the pro with 3 options 2.5ghz, 2.9ghz and 3.0ghz it’ll be great if there were more range

  • Karl

    Do something about that 'glossy' screen so I don't have to stare at my own face while working, swivel touch screen to turn it into a tablet easily. Ease of changing RAM, HD and battery. Realistic pricing.

    • Dan

      Sounds like you're looking for a PC, there's lots of those.