Facebook on Panic Button: No Immediate Commitment

Jim Gamble from Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) centre met with Facebook yesterday to discuss about installing a panic button on its social network website. CEOP are not happy with having the button on the homepage, they want it on every page of Facebook.

A number of other social sites have this panic button – making it safer for children. If they believe that they are talking to someone suspicious, then all they do is hit the panic button to get the advice that they need. Facebook have no sort of system in place for children to get this advice.

Mr. Gamble is worried that Facebook is still doing nothing, even after the murder of Ashleigh Hall. She met up with Peter Chapman via Facebook – she was later raped and murdered.

Gamble said that Facebook needs to make the changes now. According to ukparentslounge.com, Facebook welcomed the meeting but has made no immediate commitment to the plan. They are uncertain what action they need to take to change its current system.

Are you upset that Facebook has yet to implement a panic button?

  • Shane

    Don’t you have to accept people as a friend before you can have a conversation on Facebook? Doesn’t that mean it is at your own risk for accepting a friend request if you do not know them directly?