Labour candidate sacked because of Twitter remarks

Oh dear, was it plain old naivety or rather more harshly was it stupidity that cost Stuart MacLennan his Labour candidacy for the General Election 2010. Mr. MacLennan, 24, was standing for the Moray constituency in Scotland but has fallen foul of Twitter, using it to make unseemly remarks about other politicians.

It was rather a stupid mistake to make though. After all, did he not realise that his Twitter comments would be open to all, jeopardising his political reputation. They weren’t exactly harmless comments either. John Bercow, Speaker of the House of Commons, Labour MP Diane Abbot and Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg were all targeted with personal abuse, including expletives.

He said in a statement “Some of the things I twittered before I became a candidate were very, very silly and I can see they are offensive. I have let myself and my friends down and am really sorry”. Not as sorry though as the elderly people he titled as “coffin dodgers”.

It all meant of course that he was sacked and has been replaced with a different candidate. Such mistakes will continue to be made, especially as the likes of Twitter and Facebook become ever more popular. Do you think MacLennan was just naive, after all the comments he made were before he was a candidate? Or maybe you think it was mere stupidity on his part, not to realise that one day his tweets would come back to haunt him? We’d be interested in hearing your thoughts.


  • amgine

    I appreciate people saying and writing what they really think, not simply what they think might be popular. Afterall, we are forever learning and developing so, making mistakes online is just another way to live and learn. We will learn more if we know what other people truly believe at the moment they believe it; it's interesting to see ignorance developing into knowledge, we would benefit from learning to 'forgive trespasses'.