BlackBerry Twitter App: My Review

As some of you are probably already aware the official Twitter for BlackBerry application launched last week, this application promised to bring better Twitter integration to BlackBerry handsets.

Prior to using this application I was pretty happy with Ubertwitter, however I wouldn’t say that it Integrated very well with my BlackBerry Bold 9700, however the integration with Research in Motion’s app is great.

When using the free app I was at first annoyed that my phone ‘tweeted’ everytime a new tweet was posted, however the clear and easy to use options allowed me to customize Twitter perfectly for my usage.

Now I only receive notifications when I receive replies and mentions, also my handset checks for new tweets etc every 10 minutes and will notify my with a message and a notification.

The notification is a small Twitter icon which shows in the top hand corner of the screen (near where the battery level indicator is), other integration allows quick and easy sharing of photos, and as the BlackBerry OS has the ability to multitask you have quick and easy access to your Twitter page by pressing the BlackBerry button.

All in all I cannot think of one thing that the app doesn’t do well, I have had no stability issues and there has so far been no sort of downtime, therefore I am a fan.

Have you used the app? If so tell us what you think so far in the comments section below?

  • Totita

    I already use both app (Über and BB Twitter)…
    I have BB Pearl and Curve and maybe becouse those Phones have a small memory , I have back to Übertwitter becouse even I like the New BB app, my BB turns too slow with this new app Twitter for BB.
    Other things I dont like too much about Twitter for BB:
    If I want search some friend… is a little more complicated then Übertwitter.
    and I think refresh your time line must have a faster time for users who use Twitter constantly.

  • Silvia

    I tried it, but I still like Seesmic much more.