Bebo Closing Down Rumors: What will happen to content?

Following on from our recent post that Bebo is to either be sold or closed down by owners, AOL, it is to be expected that users are now worried as to what will happen to the content that they uploaded? Some of this includes photos, videos and personal information.

Sarah Gavin, a spokeswoman for Bebo said that it is still too early to say what will happen to this content if the social network site is shut down. It is not known if they will be able to retrieve the content or if it will be lost forever.

AOL are doing all they can to find someone interested in purchasing Bebo from them, this cannot be done until a complete strategic evaluation is done – this will be completed by the end of May.

According to Claire McEntee who writes on, Bebo only had 12.8 million unique visitors in February, compare that to Facebook’s 426 million users. This shows you just how small Bebo looks when compared to the most popular social network site in the world.

Bebo’s popularity has been declining steadily month-on-month, so the news that AOL were to sell up or close the service down did not come as a surprise. This is something that happens to the best of them, MySpace used to be a powerhouse in this market, but look how they have fallen.

Let us know out thoughts on Bebo.

  • jamiemac262

    why does bebo have to dissapear?
    face book and bebo would make millions and settle themselves as dominant social network if they were to work together. they could send out a survey to all their users asking them what they think are the best feaatures of bebo/facebook (depending on what they log in to, duh) then they could make 1 big site with the highest voted features on it from each network…
    call it : facebo… bebook… u get ma point,,,

  • maria martinez

    i do hope thet bebo remember that they have a circle of spanish people who have profiles in bebo , but they have made bebo difficult to use, many dont know the ins and out of bebo thats why u find many profiles empty , u have to make bebo easier to use , understandable , so that people can make their profiles , iam not calling ourselfs dumb or stupid , those are the complains i have heard since they took away our first aol profiles ….. maybe if you were to change bebos lay out , u would get more people to sign in … have stuff in there that we dont even use

  • micky

    i think facebook only have this number of users because of the word going around that bebo is closing and they are all panicking and transferring all there content over to facebook. on a daily basis if bebo does stay open a lot of people would transfer back to bebo a lot of people would rather have bebo and they also have a lot more apps and skins and other things that people like comparing to facebook.. i thin bebo should stay open and i bet a lot of others are thinking the same way……

  • debs

    Bebo is now being used more from kids,teenagers nowadays that's why i closed mines down and went to facebook to which i prefer now but at first i regretted closing my bebo but not anymore i love it facebook all the way but im not saying close bebo as it still has a lot of users so keep it for their sakes

  • Stella (:


  • marie.

    AOL sort this out ! people will lose all there photos and memories and you's will be to blame!

  • Bimbosam

    Bebo has shut down how do I get ma pics? Is there anyway to get them back z

  • heather

    what is going on with bebo i have my pics on their i have money on my games and its alot…….

  • Hannahreilly

    What has happened to bebo, i have some precious photos on there and i really need them