Profile on Facebook: How to keep it clean

The more you use Facebook the more it becomes cluttered with apps and friends, this can often make your wall and newsfeed become like a teenagers bedroom – one big mess. Being able to converse with friends and letting them know what you are up to is all-great, but finding those conversations often becomes a huge task amongst the rubbish.

Mashable knows only too well what this is like and tells us that it is now time to clean up your Facebook profile. The social networking site has a number of options to help you clean up.

Most of us already know about these tools, but finding them has become harder due to recent Facebook changes. Mashable is offering advice on the best ways to do this – in the hope of giving the user a better Facebook experience.

The easiest way to clean up is by clicking on hide in your news feed on the item that you no longer wish to see. Facebook will then ask if you want to hide just the person or that page. Once you confirm this change, you will not see any messages from them again.

For a full rundown on how to cleanup your Facebook profile, visit Mashable