Electoral Commission works with Facebook to boost voters

The Electoral Commission is tying-up with social networking site Facebook in a bid to get more people into the voting booths for the upcoming General Election 2010. During this weekend Facebook users will be asked if they are registered to vote when they visit the site.

If the answer is “No”, they will be sent via a link direct to the Electoral Commission site and that will allow them to download a pre-filled form which they may then sign and send off. This offline step is to prevent any electoral fraud.

Voter registrations must be completed by April 20 for the election on May 6, meaning there’s still time to register and claim your vote. Over 3.5 million people, who would be able to vote in England and Wales, are not registered, according to the Electoral Commission. Clinton Proud, an Electoral Commission spokesman said it was all part and parcel of the Commission’s bid to increase registered voters.

Meanwhile the director of policy at Facebook, Richard Allan, said, “One of the strengths we have is to try and capture that group, particularly the 18-24 year-old voters, who have often not turned out to vote”. What do you think about this new initiative? I think that anything that encourages people to vote, especially young people, should be welcomed and encouraged, but what are your thoughts on this? Maybe you’ll be voting for the first time? Why not let us know your thoughts?

Source: BBC News