Twitter Reveals Verizon HTC Incredible Imminent

You can always count on Twitter to be the bearer of good news, which is just what they did with the upcoming HTC Incredible, which they say is Imminent on the Verizon network. Looking on one of the company’s Twitter accounts, Pocket-Lint learned that not only the HTC Incredible, but other handsets are on the way very soon.

For those who do not believe this, then you only have to view this Engadget post, which offers us an image of stock device listings for Verizon – one of which is the Incredible. The carrier also offered a brief place card on their website – although this has now disappeared.

Verizon has been struggling to get a decent smartphone on its network for some time, but with HTC Incredible, Nexus One and the rumored iPhone 4G – 2010 is looking much better for the company.

If you had the choice of those three handsets, which one would you choose?

  • Jake

    I'm leaning towards the incredible. 8mp camera sounds nice and I like htc sense ui.

  • Dan

    and _I'm_ leaning towards trying to make some kind of filter so that these postings stop getting caught in my Google searches. This asks the reader which they want- of several phones which aren't available.
    What about not posting until there's some actual news?

  • Guest

    You're an idiot! You're just regirgitating old news.

  • LS1

    lol, so the Droid isnt a decent smartphone??