Twitter Security: Social Media Marketing From Malicious Sites

Those of you who are worried about the security issue with shortened URLs are worrying over nothing; this is according to security firm Zscaler. In the report it states that Twitter has proved this by improving security as to not come under attack from malicious sites.

A number of other websites has also beefed up security, but Zscaler believes that this is not necessary. Many industry experts have blamed Twitter and its shorthand URLs used in tweets as an open invitation from malicious sites, but this recent report says otherwise.

Zscaler’s Julien Sobrier said that out of the 1 million Twitter URLs tested over a couple of weeks, only 773 links directed him to malicious content. However, faired a bit worse, with 40 percent of links leading to malicious sites. It seems that Twitters security measures are better than

Sobrier concluded that the best way to protect yourself against such threats is with real-time scanning of the URL and its content. For details on how you do this, visit PC World