Meditation guru Apologizes for California / Mexico Earthquake on Twitter

We recently reported that Twitter was being used to share comments and images of the damage caused by the earthquake that hit California and Mexico. We have just learned that a meditation guru has turned to the micro-blogging site to apologize for causing the 7.2-magnitude earthquake.

Mashable assumes that he was kidding, but if you visit his Twitter page you will see some of the reactions that his comments has caused. In his tweet he said that following a powerful meditation he caused the Californian earthquake.

He went on to say that he was sorry for causing it. Although the Tweet was funny, it was done in bad taste. Many people would have lost their homes through this event – we all love a joke, but not at the expense at others misfortune.

It was reported that the earthquake originated in Baja California, with five aftershocks following shortly after. Thankfully there are no reports of casualties and damage was minimal.

Do you think that these tweets were funny or in bad taste?