2010 Social Media Strategies Conference: Big Business Strategy

The 2010 Social Media Strategies Conference has now been announced and will run from May 18 to 19, 2010. While there one of the main topics will be “How to Implement Social Media Strategies for Big Business”.

This is where industry experts will share with us their secrets in implementing social marketing on a much larger scale.

The panel of experts will discuss why it is so important for big businesses to understand social media – looking at how it will have an affect on your bottom line. They will also show you how to formulate content and most importantly – offering optimization techniques.

The Social Media Strategies Conference will also feature two helpful workshops: one on how you can market your business and then help to increase revenue via Facebook. The second workshop is how you can market your business on Twitter.

It is hoped that this two-day Conference will give you the knowledge you need to go away and implement them into your business marketing practice.

For more details on this visit PRWeb

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