Happy if iPhone 4G or HD has aluminum back?

The past few years has seen more rumors about Apple products than any other, both the popularity of their products, and Apple’s “no comment” attitude has helped create the buzz and rumor we’ve come to know and love/hate.

When the iPhone moved from the Aluminum body that was on the first design, it was received with mixed opinions. The new design helped reduce the price, and the quality feel some would say. Would it now seem impossible that Apple would design an iPhone 4G – fourth generation – with the Aluminum back?

We found this iPhone 4G rendering – seen below – on Slash Phone, which they sourced from Mac Predictions. To be honest, I love the render, how about you?

Imagine an Aluminum backing that’s not rugged and heavy like the first iPhone, and mix that with some Verizon iPhone goodness, then we have a winner for those Apple / Verizon Wireless dreamers.

There is just under 3-months now until WWDC 2010, which is when we will get confirmation of who was right or wrong. Would you be happy with an iPhone 4G with Aluminum unibody enclosure? Let us know in the comments.