Google Gmail Gets OAuth Support: 3rd Party Access

Google will now be offering OAuth support within Gmail, a move that will give you greater security through 3rd party application access to people who can view content from your emails. Twitter offered the same support a year ago – so Google is playing catch-up.

Offering this support is better late than never, as it offers a more secure Gmail – Mashabale now hopes that this will encourage more third party developers to offer users a bigger range of custom apps. Google already does this, but with OAuth sign-in platform being more secure – this could trigger an explosion from developers.

One company has already taken advantage of this new feature. Syphir has created an iPhone app called SmartPush – allowing you to define how incoming mail can be triggered.

OK, so this is not the explosion that we are talking about, but it is a start. Do you think that Google Gmail getting OAuth support will be enough for 3rd part developers to offer users more, if so what would you like to see?